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Message from the Senior Class President

This essay was written by the class president


The class of 2021 will go down as a class of strong willed, determined kids just trying to enjoy the years we have together. The final year for us is not what anybody could have imagined. Through COVID, we were stripped of many things that every senior class deserves to have. Homecoming dances, powder puff football, open lunches, concerts, and a normal high school day without being six feet apart are things that make a school year great, and we hope that the classes to come are able to have these experiences that we did not.

While this made the school year long and hard, we found little ways to make the year as memorable as possible: going all out with tutus for winter royalty, getting senior parking, a last minute homecoming float, a (non-recognized) senior skip day, and enjoying the little things together. Our class is powerful, and we hope to leave a mark on Doniphan West that can be seen in years to come. 

    Every single student in our class has an important role in making our class who we are. Starting with the W’s, who have always been recognized last. Dana Windmeyer, the most peaceful leader we have. With not a mean bone in her body, Dana is one that can be trusted with anything, and someone who will always be looked at as a role model. She is a perfect reference for what a good student should be. Next, Landon Wilson. A loud, crazy kid that can always be looked to for a good laugh, or a good talk about his outstanding popcorn business. Alexis Wilson, a young girl of many talents. Her love for creative things and the outdoors makes a big difference in who she is. She is one to go to if you need someone to laugh with, or to enjoy her amazing photography skills, or pictures of her dogs. Kinlee Whetstine, an outstanding leader, a role model, a good laugh, and an exciting person to be around. She is always there to comfort or celebrate with, and there is no doubt that her determination shines through her bright, always smiling face. She is loved by every person at our school, and I know that our underclassman will always look up to her. Lilly Strohl, a quiet, independent student with a lot on her mind. She is always there to laugh at your dumb jokes, or show you cute photos of babies or small animals. While she may appear serious on the outside, she truly is a kind and caring friend to have. Kalab Ridout is perhaps one of the funniest human beings I have ever met in my entire life, as well as the biggest procrastinator. He is a lover of mullets, crocs, and good times, but not of doing his homework on time. This makes him as lovable as he can possibly be. Fletcher Penny, a sassy, loud guy. There isn’t enough you can say about the boys in our class that will do them enough justice. Fletcher may seem like a regular teenage boy, but he is so much more. Talented, funny, and a true friend to our entire class. Myah Olson, a true clown and fashionista all in one. She is confident and bright with a mind that runs a million miles a minute. She is always there to make Tik Toks or take selfies, but above all of her fun hobbies, she is smart. She is determined and always ready to take on the next big challenge that is thrown at her with a fiery smile on her face, and a bucket of confidence. Naomi Libel is a girl that deserves everything good and more. She is always there to talk to and goes unnoticed for her amazing actions. She works as hard as she can to have the things she wants, she works almost every night each week, she has bought her own car, and I have no doubt that Naomi will always have a sweet personality and an amazing sense of humor.  Sadie Leach (TaterBug) is all things good in this world. She is always there with quotes from “The Office” or “Trailer Park Boys” and is outstanding in all things she does. Her random nicknames make you feel special, and her love of animals and humor truly make her someone to go to for a good time. Heidi Leach is a girl that is never to be overlooked. She is strong and opinionated, but cares deeply for those around her, even if she won’t admit it. There will never be a day that Heidi’s smile doesn’t light up a room, that is, the days she does choose to smile. Next is myself, Joscelyne Keller. I hope to be remembered as the loud girl who loved all of her classmates as family. Jacob Lackey, the most anxious and gullible guy. It is hard not to love Jacob. He is always asking a million questions about how long an essay has to be, or how long the speech requirements are. He is also funny and ready for anything; you never know what to expect when he is paired with Fletcher and Lafe. Next up is Lane Collins, the quietest of us all. I think that in total our senior year, I have heard Lane say approximately nine words. He is sweet and loves the things he does, and although he is quiet, he is always ready to help out when it is needed. Lafe Blevins is an absolute sweetheart, a clown, and an amazing friend. He is always ready to talk to anybody, and has an epic sense of style. He is ready for anything to do with sports, and is determined to win whatever is thrown his way. As I said before, the boys in our class are amazing. There is not enough that can be said about their personalities and their amazing qualities, not to mention that it is a free comedy show when they are all together. Lastly is the newest to our bunch, Gabby Battaglia. She has only been with us for a month but she fits in just perfectly. Her first day was filled with what I’m sure was quite the experience from our boys, and yet she was ready with her fun sense of humor and her eagerness for fun.

    Our class is bright, and I know that all of my fellow classmates will go as far in life as anybody could imagine. We hope to see growth in our school for the better, as well as a better year for next year's seniors. We are thankful for the experiences we have had at Doniphan West, and I know that our memories together will last a lifetime!


Joscelyne Keller

Class president